Tuesday, 22 November 2011

DAY eighteeeen...nineteeeen...TWENTY!!??

its actually day 22 - im quite far behind with these updates. let's recap realllll quick shall we?

DAY EIGHTEEN: the bikram miracle
The only thing I remember about Friday is that I got my period and wanted to kill myself. Too much info? Sorry - but I'm not holding anything back here, it's MY blog entry. So, there I was, Friday afternoon, writing my year-end evaluation with a glass of wine and hot water bottle on my tummy (adding wine to any work task always makes it seem less stressful - just a little tip). Anyways - the last thing my body wanted was to stick itself in the hot room and workout. It wanted my bed, the bathtub, the couch, anything but the yoga mat. But I had made plans with Leah to take class before our girls night out and I didn't want practicing all lonely without me. SO....well, you know how it goes - I got myself to the mat. I went into class warning Colleen that my body would probably need to be running out of class a few times, but you know what? AS SOON as class began - my cramps and all that lovely stuff just disappeared. It literally went on hold for 90 minutes. Isn't it amazing how the body works? I was so happy to have such a strong class, next to Leah on top of it :) After class. we went to Loblaws and LCBO for some necessary purchases - you know, tampons, chocolate, wine, midol - the usual - before our big night out. All I have to say is .... TEQUILA SHOTS!

DAY NINETEEN: the hangover
OH. MY. GAWD. What did we do last night? Woke up with the driest mouth and the worst headache of life (I'm getting too old for nights like this). Was supposed to do the 10am class, called Leah and said NOT HAPPENING.  I stayed in bed for as long as possible, then got up, did all the dishes, cleaned and got back into bed when Leah came over. Quite productive for a hungover Saturday morning no? That afternoon we went shopping with my friend Michelle and got smoothies - thank god for BOOSTER JUICE. I had felt bad for missing the morning class, as I had told Wendy I would be there when she taught, but by doing the 4pm, I was able to get the best of both worlds - Leah was teaching AND Wendy was taking it, as was Colleen, Claire and other challengers :) It was quite the strong first line we had going! Pierre cracked us all up with his speedy change into savasana! I tried to beat him a few times, but he's just too quick. My body doesn't move that fast. It's hard for me to recap specifics of postures now because I'm not writing the day of, but I remember in standing head to knee, I did the tips Leah had taught me the night before (while drinking wine in my kitchen) and it helped tremedosly in my posture. After class, went back to Michelle's for a dinner (after she almost burnt down her apartment) and then headed to Mike's for a movie night. Great night :)

DAY TWENTY: another double? i need a reward please
I DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL LAST NIGHT AND I AM NOT HAPPY THIS MORNING. That was me, Sunday morning walking into the studio. GRUMPY GRUMPY GRUMPY. It's very rare that I'm in a BAD mood, but let me tell you, I was in a BAD mood. I knew I had a double ahead of me, and I was so freakin' exhausted. All I wanted to do, was SLEEP IN for once on a weekend. I've been giving that up during this challenge, and honestly, I can't wait to get those sleep-ins back. Leah brought me e-mergency packs for me to use in my water during both classes, and they did help. Oh, I should also mention, she was doing the double with me. What a good bestie eh? Well, I survived the morning class with Claire (who said she could tell I was grumpy pants) and then headed home to eat sleep repeat until the afternoon Class. The second class was much easier, much more flexible, much better mood :) We were 4 or 5 challengers doing a double that day and it was good motivation to all be in the room together. Survived my second double (1 more to go....). OH- I also bought myself a little DAY 20 reward...


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