Wednesday, 16 November 2011

DAY FIFTEEN/SIXTEEN: star spankled banner at BYO

DAY FIFTEEN: tuesdays are always a bitch.
But then there's my bright light at the end of the tunnel (aka long work day): YOGA! Especially when I know I'm heading to the 8pm with Wendy - I know I'm in for some laughs and words of encouragement: JUST BE. LET GO. PRACTICE. DONT THINK. YOU ARE DEAD. NO EGO. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. All her talk keeps my mind from wandering away from me. My classes are getting stronger and I'm filled with energy from beginning to end - it's amazing. Even more so when practicing with fellow challengers. Tonight's class was filled with lots of laughs - one of the guys practicing was QUITE expressive during every posture - moaning through each one - I  couldn't help but giggle at his openess to express his feelings (I didn't feel bad - Christian giggled too - and then it turned into a laugh from all the yogis when Wendy said "YES! SEE? HE FEEL IT! IT HURTS! THAT'S GOOD. HE'S PUSHING". Oh, Wendy. I'm telling you, before class, I was MISERABLE. I was exhausted. I had no energy. The thought of going to class drained what remaining energy I did have. It's amazing how 90 minutes later, you are a new person - like a full balloon filled with fresh air - just wanting to BURST! This yoga is changing me.....I feel it every day. In every way.

 DAY SIXTEEN: the homestretch
We did it challengers - we are over the half way mark (and still alive!). Today I took my work day a little easier as I was tres fatigued (slept at mikes and that kid is up at 5:30am). I was quite productive though - and got everything done in time to make the 4pm with the lovely Claire (who mentionned cinammon buns AGAIN! argh haha). First person I saw when I got into the changing room was Heather (one of the challengers) and not sure why - but just felt the urge to hug her! I honestly think she has a beautiful soul - I can feel it. I know nothing about her - but I just know she's a good one - it's crazy how this BIKRAM challenge can build bonds. We practiced next to each other and it was great sharing each other's energy and exchanging smiles between postures when we were able to muster the energy to do so :) Class flew by AGAIN - I thought I would stop being surprised at how quickly they go by, but every class, I'm amazed at how I find myself in Rabbit Pose when I felt like I was just in Balancing Stick. Tonight, I actually couldn't remember bringing both my knees to my chest during wind removing pose in the first set - I literally blacked out. Is that normal? Or was my mind just THAT relaxed I just went through the motion without even knowing? But then, if that was the case, I wasn't connected to the yoga, right? UGH, I'm thinking too much again.

After class, I went home to make my first pork tenderloin roast, turns out, I'M A CHEF. No seriously, it was amazing. Pork tenderloin, mushroom risotto, with onions, garlic, carrots, and a side of asparagus. Good huh? My dad would be very proud - next time I go home, I'm cooking him dinner. THEN - after dinner, as if I wasn't satisfied enough with my evening, Leah came over to share a bottle of vino and girl talk. Did I mention she now lives 287 meters away from me? Um ya - perfection. Life is good. And it's Midnig
ht. Bonne nuit les amis - Can't wait for DAY 17....

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  1. Ok you are going to make me cry. All I can say is takes one to know one. xoxo You rock!!!