Monday, 30 April 2012

fly like an eagle...

alright i had already written this post but somehow it all got deleted so ill try to get it word for word as before...

howdy y'all!
you know that normal thought you get every monday morning? the "oh god" feeling? well - at teacher training - there is no such thing. you don't have a choice. if it does pop in your head - you just get your ass up and down the stairs to the hot room. you place your feet together on the mat and you start your yoga. and then its all rainbows and butterflies from your first set of pranayama. no matter what mood you walked into the room with - you leave feeling high. happier and healthier. 90 minutes. that's all it takes. to change your attitude. to change your day. to change your life.

this morning we had a great teacher from TEXAS Y'ALL! she was uplifting, funky and gracious all at the same time! left us with some great tips as future teachers :) she will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one of her studios back home and had written a song to the beat of "fly like an eagle" - so during our 2 minute savasana - she sang it to us. it was actually pretty good! all to do with postures and bikram benefits. but for the rest of class (and some points during the day) i was stuck with "flyyy like an eagle" in my head.
"issues with the tissues"
"always keep the dignity of your students"

homo sapien sapien
WE STARTED ANATOMY! woot woot. i never thought i would say this but anatomy is fun. complicated - but fun. the human body is insane. so much to learn. for anyone that knows me - i can be a little naive. i think the body literally looks like a stick figure drawing - with a big ol' belly to keep all the yummy food we eat - and none of the gross stuff (ie intestins - yuck). i mean i KNOW its all there. i just don't like to think of all the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tissues, that tear, strain, sprain or break! but as i said earlier - i've got no choice but to learn it, love it, and teach it! and with dr. p (as olivia calls him) as our teacher - i think i will love every minute learning about all that gross stuff :)


over the next two weeks he will be teaching us everything about the human body - from inside out - from bones to skin - from fingertips to the toes. so far i love his teaching method - dr. p has a really great way of making a serious subject entertaining - with his nerdy jokes and quirky additions throughout the lecture. as he is a practicing yogi himself, everything relates back to the yoga. this helps us connect each posture to it's benefit and i love it :) already we are getting a sense of what does what when - and where - and how. time to get studying....

dream small? dream big!
this afternoon during annoucements we were introduced to several guest teachers that are here for the next week (or longer) visiting TT to help with posture clinics and attend classes with us. each one has come back for the love of the yoga. nothing more. nothing less. to give back. to share their experiences and extend their knowledge to us as future teachers. every teacher had an amazing story  as to what brought them to bikram - and have had even crazier lives since TT. from traveling the world teaching on all 7 continents to opening several studios in their hometowns. this is WHAT I WANT. this is FOR ME. i connected to each one for different reasons and i couldn't help but get emotional listening to them share all their accomplishments because those are my dreams too. and i feel so close...

im on my way...

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