Tuesday, 24 April 2012

keep the mind in the brain - not in lalaland.

i almost peed my pants. literally. i just spent the entireeee evening class thinking "im going to pee my pants. im going to pee my pants. im going to peeeeee in my f**king pants". i thought of peeing on my mat, peeing in my ice cup, peeing anywhere possible without leaving the room. i was NOT leaving the room. (im kind of a stubborn girl). to top it off, i kept drinking my water (two bottles worth) i know, stupid, but i couldnt help it. anyways - dont worry i didn't pee myself or on anyone. i made it through to the end - and somehow when bikram put on his "yoga is life" song during our last savasana, my body forgot it had to pee and my mind went to some galaxy far away. crazy how the mind can be distracted so easily. i just tried you tubing the song to post the link but couldnt find it - sorrrrrryyy. you'll have to come to TT to enjoy it in the hot room!

think im the only one who has trouble staying present in the hot room? well, here are a few funny thoughts from other students at TT - oh where the mind will go! (thank you annie diaz for starting this thread on our fb group)
• what’s that smell?
• in standing bow: i hope my private parts are not getting some air.
• winding removing: great. now i have to take a shit
• i’m not going to throw up. no wait. i am going to throw up.
• oh god. is he talking to me?
• fuck. i have green in my tattoo.
• there’s that smell again. is it me?
• i wonder if they ever clean the carpets.
• if i don’t drink water, i will die. no, i won’t. ill be fine. just 30 more seconds.
• do i have to put my hands on the carpet?
should i trim my bangs or let them grow out. ughh! focus!
• is it friday yet?
• that chain in the chandelier is twisted. 
• i wonder where she got her top. i really like it.
• what am i going to eat for lunch? im f**cking starving.
• wonder if anyone noticed my boob was out of my top.
haha - comic relief from the torture chamber :)

well its day two of week two - ALREADY!? its flying by. keeping up with this blog is going to be hard. so much to tell - so little time to write it all out. my health is strong, my body is strong, my practice is strong. im really impressed with myself actually. i had envisioned myself breaking down on the mat crying, wanting to leave, pulling muscles, aching all over....you get the idea. but instead, i take class and then i practically run up the stairs up to my room on the 4th floor! elevator? not part of my vocabulary. lets see if its that way come week 7 (here's hoping my legs don't give up on me).

the only thing that is more difficult than the actual yoga - are the late nights. bikram is known for his long lectures and his love for hindi movies. actually - i would call his lectures more of a story time then anything else. this man can sit down and tell you ONE story that will last 3-4 hours. not kidding. he just starts and it does nottttt stoppppp. and he can tell it over and over. have i mentioned he is 66 years old? rocking a six pack? yup. thats my guru :) anyways - last night he discussed karma yoga and our duties as yoga teachers to our students. all through a story of gods and goddesses, emperors and empresses, in heaven and on earth. and then linked it all together. hes a crazy man - but he makes it all make sense. by the end of story time it was 11:30. bedtime right? nope. he was just getting started for late night movie night featuring - the Mahabharata. (one of the two ancient sanskrit epics of ancient india). it went past two am. and that was just the first part. there are 92 parts in total (i think he said). we will most likely be continuing with it ce soir - so im off to the lecture room for another long night! bonne nuit xx

and countinggggg...just finished class #14

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