Wednesday, 25 April 2012

sometimes happy - sometimes sad


its ok to have a bad mood day
(or class in my case) - i don't know why but the morning teachers this week are NOT doing it for me. i cant figure out if its because i'm comparing them to bikrams class from the previous evening. or if i just plain and simple don't like them. or maybe i'm just being a brat. either way - im not connecting to them. i'm trying. i really am. i'm telling myself they are funny - but im not laughing. that they are motivating - but i'm not inspired. instead i'm just plain annoyed. and then i feel like a i don't know whats going on. maybe the hot room isn't for me in the morning. either way - by the time class is done and i'm showered and clean - i can feel my negativity lifting and the rest of the day is smooth sailing. it also helps when you've got a great roommate; i got out of the shower earlier to find she had bought me a can of sprite because she knows i'm hooked on it after my classes and had run out. just what i needed to turn my frown upside down :) i'm hoping this attitude of mine doesn't last too long because i've got a lot of morning classes coming my way...

ps. last nights movie featuring some of bollywoods most famous actors. kabhi khushi kabhie gham (translated to sometimes happy sometimes sad). my favorite so far - loved it :)


mickey mouse has left the building
well - no more mister nice guy. we just finished the wednesday evening class and got our ASSES KICKED. woahhhhhh nelly. thank you bikram - this is what i've been waiting for. it was HOT. and he was mean. he had a little bit of sweetness when necessary but oh man was he cranky at the beginning of class. a few of us had just said how we hoped he would be making us all laugh again - but as soon as he got on the podium it was clear he meant business - no kissy kissy - no fucky fucky. however, by toe stand, i remember saying to myself "dont let him steal your peace" and you know what? i had the most amazing floor series. im not sure if its because i was drinking bikram balance (ill explain my new addiction to BB in another post) during class but either way - i was flying high! it felt like i owned a different body than the one i had this morning. what a weird sensation...

some of my leg muscles are starting to be tighter than i would like so ive covered them in tiger balm and im ready for a quick snooze before another late night lecture - wonder whats on bikrams agenda for us?

namaste :)

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  1. Yesterday and this morning I was also feeling super irritated. No one was immune from my mood and it was just foul.. after a bit of alone time this afternoon with my iPod things began looking up. Careful with that tiger balm.. I've heard it can burn in class!!