Wednesday, 23 May 2012

i never promised you a rose garden

back from get wet 62 in bikrams torture chamber. 
another two hour class with the boss. i think it was almost as hard as last fridays class. i never got around to posting about that one because he literally dragged us through hell and back and we were left with hardly any time before our posture clinic that night (the one i cried about). but in any case - this was class 10 of week 5 = > 

45% humidity. 
600+ bodies. 
  1 room. 
2.5 hours. 
26 postures. 
countless stories.
bikram choudhury. 
-who else gets this experience?-

this past monday i complained because i started the week off cold and dry in my morning class. i had wanted to kick start week 6 the way we ended week 5. i wanted to SWEAT. and feel like i was dying. this is bikram hot yoga. we come to kill ourselves for 90 minutes - and experience the beautiful rose garden at the end of it all. i swear - i think bikram yogis are masochists deep down. well - be careful what you wish for because i got exactly what i wanted and more. tons and tons of sweat. and no water. there seems to be trend that when the boss keeps us in class for longer than necessary -water and ice run out that much faster. 

tonight chuck and i decided to switch things up and plant ourselves directly in front of the boss. front and center. actually - chuck went first - and i was feeling really low before class wanting to be lazy and coast through - and in one moment i grabbed my mat and followed him. i decided to put myself in the danger zone because i would have no choice but to rock this class. no excuses. and it worked. i stretched and kicked myself to the point where i thought i might pass out. it felt so good. there was definitely more heat pumping into the center of his torture chamber than anywhere else i've been before. i loved it and hated it at the same time. bikram is all love and hate for me. but the love outweighs the hate every time. i survived class tonight with the help of my friends - ada john and chuck - thank you lovely yogis for holding my hand - giving me encouraging words - and sharing your holy water with me :)

now im off to nap because the boss is back and i know i wont see sleep till late hours tonight.... xo


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