Saturday, 12 May 2012


i had started writing this post yesterday (thursday) which was day FOUR of week FOUR. yup. i'm still here :) and now another day has come and gone - i can hardly keep track. anyways - i got side tracked (normal to happen in this bikram bubble) and then the post was left with the dot dot dot. 

bottom of the barrel
today (thursday) we were blessed to be taught in the morning by emmy and in the evening by jim. in between we had lisa from las vegas give us an inspirational lecture and offer a deeper insight into the yoga philosophy. after lisa we fit in a posture clinic before the 5pm class. afterwards was anatomy. just to give you an idea - this training is NONSTOP. it is all about time management. every break we get we must decide: eat - sleep - study - or diconnect? if you're lucky - you get all 4. otherwise - pick your priority. in our evening class jim told us we were at the bottom of the barrel. the grit of the grit. we were at the bottom of the wave looking up at the light - and it could only get bigger, brighter and better from here on. here's hoping. as bikram says - the darkest place is under the lamp. we are definitely under the lamp right now. and i can't wait to get out from underneath. i feel strong and happy overall - but to be honest. i feel like bit by bit - my body is breaking down. my mind is giving up. emotions are out of wack. my lower back feels like one big cement brick. my knee is aching. my shoulder feels bruised and disconnected from my body. i'm trying to think positive and say next week i'll be stronger but it's hard to see the light. one posture at a time, one class at a time, one day at a time...

some LOVELINESS shared by LISA from LAS VEGAS

the eight limbs of yoga
1- yama (the donts): practice non-violence, non-lying, non-stealing, non-sensuality, non-attachment
2- niyama (the dos): cleanliness & purity, contentment, austerity & endurance, self study & introspection, dedication
3- asana: actual physical postures, designed to open our mind & give us strength, flexibility,  and energy. "posture holding still. breathing always normal"
4- pranayama: our breath & life force. helps us manage overwhelming emotions and feelings of anxiety. until one is aware of their breath the effects of the posture are not there.
5- pratyahara: non attachment & withdrawal from the senses. can transcend all agitation and suffering.
6- dharana: the practice of focused and powerful concentration. calms inner awareness and increases the value of our postures
7- dhyana: devotional meditation. stills agitations of our minds and opens our hearts. linked with the law of attraction (i now have this by this...). be clear with the universe. quiet your mind. 
8- samadhi: truly comes when we dissolve the ego consciousness of "i i i". signifies a state where everything is yoga. everything is bliss. we can achieve this NOW.

"you create your reality with your thoughts"
"yoga is the process of a spiritual unfolding"
"peace comes from within"
"the truth is all there is"
"every moment is an opportunity for love and transformation" 
halfway to bulletproof
after tomorrow mornings class - it will officially be the end of my first month here. almost halfway :) sometimes i feel like this process is in full speed flying by and other times its slowwwwww as molasses. i'm stuck in a time warp and can't get out. i'm excited for next week because a little piece of home will be here with me - my studio director claire is visiting :) for now - im contenting myself with the fact that tomorrow is saturday - i'm getting a mani/pedi and new yoga wear :) i think i deserve it...

goodnight xx

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