Sunday, 13 November 2011

DAY ELEVEN/TWELVE: mental health days do the soul good

**it's currently day thirteen and i've had a busy weekend so i'm gonna play catch up right now....

DAY ELEVEN: let's take a break shall we?
Friday morning - I wake up feeling slightly groggy as I did end up having some vino with Leah and Paige last night (you know - after my breakdown and all it was quite necessary). So I shower and freshen up for hopefully a tear-free day - that is until I log onto FB and realize it's Remembrance day - guess how long till the sob fest started? Somehow though, this mess of a girl, got through two very successful meetings with clients and called it a day - oh wait - I forgot about my weekly friday afternoon conference call (i mean really, they schedule these things on purpose right? - thank god for MUTE and SPEAKER PHONE).

dinner for two :)
Since the meeting went on and on and onnnnnnn forever - I wasn't able to make the 4pm class, and I had made dinner plans with Mike for later that I didn't want to break (he hadn't seen much of me this week). And to be honest - making him dinner and relaxing was all I really wanted to do. I didn't want to return to the studio - I was still feeling anger towards Bikram and what it was doing to me. I decided to take a MENTAL HEALTH DAY to get my shit together. GOOD decision. GREAT night. :)

DAY TWELVE: Let's give it a go - no?
Saturday morning- I wake up feeling positive and ready to be back in the hot room. Well, apparently, God - Mother Nature - Some Higher Force, or...Ottawa City Parking, had other plans for me! I drove around and around and arounnndd the town and couldn't find one spot to fit my car in. As I watched the time reach closer to 10am I started panicking! I couldn't afford to miss another day - I didn't want any more doubles - I didn't want to fall behind - I needed this class. Well - 10AM came and went - and so did I - all the way back home. Where I promptly went to my room and fell face first on my bed crying. NOT JOKING. Mike came in (who was in the kitchen doing my dishes - yes, he's amazing) - turned me around and knocked some sense into me (lord knows i need that these days). He made me realize I'm going to make this challenge - I'm going to make these doubles - and I'm going doing GOOD. Just breathe and everything will be as it should be. OK, IF YOU SAY SO.

I went on to have the most amazing day in Ottawa so far at the WINE and FOOD festival with the bestest group of friends a girl could ask for :) I won't give details of my night - all you need to know is I tasted a lot of vino. And I mean, A LOT. So, stay tuned to see how my DOUBLE went the next day - GOODNIGHT readers!
with the bestie at the wine and food festi :)

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