Sunday, 6 November 2011

DAY FIVE/SIX: family > yoga

It's Sunday night and my eyes are heavy but I will get this entry in (with as much accuracy as possible)...

DAY FIVE: "say good morning to your spines, you have just bent them in every direction possible" Claire Cameron, Saturday morning class. She could not have said it better. Morning classes always take me the longest to loosen up - I spend all of Half Moon Pose cringing in pain - it feels as though the sides of my body will rip if I PUSHHH PUSHHH PUSHHHH any deeper! But I know it's good for me so I keeep onnn pushing - and by the time class is over, my body is limber and ready for the day and I LOVE that feeling :)

After class, Mike and I enjoyed some freshly made sandwiches in the market from La Botega (by far my favorite Italian deli/bakery in Ottawa) before my drive home to MTL. Ottawa is so beautiful in the fall - I love seeing all the vendors still out in November - it makes me happy for them :) I'm hoping this weather lasts (knowing my luck - I just jinxed it - sorry everyone).

I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening at Jenn and Davids with a few of our friends enjoying fondue and lots of wine (I cherish all those nights now, because they are so few and far between since my move to Ottawa). I have to admit, it was hard drinking wine, I felt so unhleathy. It's as if my body WANTS to do sober november along with this challenge (Too bad I'm not listening to it - it's the WINE & FOOD festival next weekend!)

DAY SIX: family > yoga
I woke up this morning with so much determination to make the drive back to Ottawa in time for the 4pm class - my body couldn't wait to detox all of last night's wine! But by the time my dad got home from church and we started lunch, it was already approaching 2pm. I was really dissapointed and felt like I was letting myself down, the other challengers down, even whoever reads this blog down! But since I hadn't spent any of my trip to MTL at home yet, I didn't feel right rushing off so quickly. SO- as much as I am dedicated to this challenge - my heart said stay - and I know I made the right decision. The afternoon I spent with my dad was 100% worth missing today's class. (besides, i'm pretty sure my body needed a break)

But you know what that means right? I'm doubling up one day this week - EEK!

GOODNIGHT everyone - have a great week - namaste :)

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  1. Dear Noemie,
    One of the best things I ever learnt was from Emmy Cleaves, the principal of Bikram's Yoga College of India in LA. She said, "Every time you get mad at yourself, you lose an opportunity to learn". The same thing goes for being disappointed, frustrated or any other of the million things we beat ourselves up about!
    You will make up the class and it won't be nearly as bad as your brain is trying to tell your body it will be!
    You have started a wonderful thing at BY Ottawa - your personal Challenge was taken up by Jasmine and quickly joined by a bunch of other enthusiastic yogis. We are having to make an extension to the chart and may even need to buy more stars!
    Thank you so much for being part of our BY Ottawa family. I love having you at the studio.
    Lots and lots of love, Claire