Tuesday, 8 November 2011


It's Tuesday night and I've been running around town since Sunday evening between work, work share at the studio, and, well, YOGA! But I've finally slowed down the pace and can already feel my body relaxing into a great nights sleep (8pm class will do that to me). The rest of my week should not be as hectic work wise, so I'm hoping to fuel all my energy into this challenge (and maybe my social life)

DAY SEVEN: electrolyte heaven
Yesterday I was quite productive during my work day, so I was lucky enough to take the 4pm class with Colleen before starting my work share shift at the front desk (although really, I had no choice, because missing another day was NOT an option - don't want more doubles than I need). I was also lucky enough to practice next to Wendy - I was able to feel and feed off her positive energy and strength in class - really amazing. I love Colleen's classes - she has one of the most gentle souls - and her teaching is so genuine and patient. J'aime ca! I'm trying to recall specifics from any of the postures - but all I remember is going through class not really THINKING of anything during any of them (a first). Even Colleen said that class felt like it FLEW BY- zooooommm!

Yesterday my body felt really weak - it felt like my immune system was shutting down. Normal, considering I was ONE WEEK into the challenge. Over the weekend, I had craved Coke (the drink people) so bad - which I never ever do. Claire told me it was a sign of an imbalance in my electrolytes as I am most likely not replenishing them as fast as I am getting rid of them - so I rushed on over to the grocery store and picked up some LEMONS to make myself a large pitcher of lemon water with salt. Step 1 to ELECTROLYTE HEAVEN. Mike is also putting Gatorade powder in my water bottle for my classes now (at least, i think that's what he's giving me haha).

things to remember:
HEAD TO KNEE POSE: proper bikram grip
LOCUST POSE: lock my knees

DAY EIGHT: don't eat so late!
Today was quite the crazy work day, AGAIN! (apparently I decided to do this challenge during one of the busiest months for my company - smart move). So, by the time I got home, dropped off my work stuff, packed my yoga bag and got to Mike's (since he's the one feeding me) - it was already 6:30! I hadn't ate since 11 and I was starvingggggggg. SO - I ate: SILLY SILLY decision (stupid actually). This girl went to yoga with quite the Buddha Belly! (and for those who know me well, my tummy can look 6 months pregnant VERY easily). Needless to say - I wasn't looking (or feeling) so hot - I felt so heavy! Every compression posture (which is almost every one haha) made me feel like I was going to throw up - and in LOCUST POSE - pretty sure I got another taste of tonight's dinner :( Today's lesson? EAT EARLIER.

THANK YOU Wendy for tonight's class and life lessons: be you, no ego, let go, do now, just breathe, no expectations...

BONNE NUIT - can't wait for day 9 :)

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