Friday, 4 November 2011

DAY FOUR: i want some more

DAY FOUR and woke up at 5:30 this morning wishing there was a 6a.m. class I could be going too! (ya, I was just as shocked). It seems that Bikram is now the first thing my body wants when it wakes up and the last thing it wants before bed. I don't blame it - in the perfect world (aka if I didn't have to work for a living) I would be doing classes ALL THE TIME. But unfortunately, I have a job - and had to wait till the 6pm. It was worth the wait - all my girls were in class (Leah, Jenny, Heather and Jasmine) - SO sweet.

I took class in HELLS KITCHEN (hottest part of the room - although tonight, no so hot) - and I figured I would have less distractions this way as there were no other students behind me (I tend to people watch sometimes). However, it was not the case - I decided if I couldn't watch other people, I would watch myself instead in the mirros to my left (you should NOT be looking anywhere but ahead). AHHH - I might have a mild case of ADD.

I wonder if people actually get their minds to think of NOTHING for 90 minutes?? I honestly find it impossible. Pretty sure I thought of everything and anything during tonights class. Work emails, tonights dinner, weekend plans, shopping, boys, this blog - name it - it was in my head. A few times, I caught myself NOT thinking about anything, but then, I was thinking about NOT thinking. GAH! How do you train the mind to just BE STILL? without THINKING of being still? so much to learn still.

After class, I was so happy to learn Mike had spaghetti and meatballs waiting for me- YUM. (thank god - because I was in no mood to cook). I'm lucky he's around during this challenge to feed me :)

ok DAY FOUR - i'm off to enjoy a bit of vino before bed (see? told you i would fail at sober november).

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