Wednesday, 2 November 2011

DAY TWO: one day at a time with your heart over your head

16 degrees outside today, in NOVEMBER! So I decided to leave the car behind and walk to the studio for DAY TWO. I was sweating before I even stepped in the hot room - little warm up! While walking towards Rideau Street, I saw a man drive by me on his bicycle with a wooden box on his back wheel that had "ONE DAY AT A TIME" written on it - I felt like it was speaking to ME! Before this challenge, I had decided this was going to be my mantra in order to survive the next 30 days! I believe it was fate to have this nice man's message remind me it was all going to be A-OK! Later, as I turned a corner, there it was - THE bike - locked up and waiting for me. I decided it needed to be added to my collection of IPHONE pics right away!

OK- enough about my walk. Let's talk BIKRAM! Today's class was taught by Claire Cameron (the owner/director of Bikram Yoga Ottawa and an inspiration to me). It felt as though I hadn't taken one of her classes in forever - it was good to hear her dialogue again.

Usually, after the spine series, my patience runs low, my mind starts to wander, and I become anxious; counting down each remaining posture til that last savasana. But today, it just flowed right on through to rabbit pose! However, CAMEL was a bit of a hiccup. It got me feeling quite emotional. I couldn't stay in position as long as required because my heart was wanting to explode (in a good way). Camel pose opens up your heart chakra and unlocks all kinds of emotions, so I know what I was feeling was normal, but I couldn't help thinking I would start crying if I stayed in position any longer. We constantly have our heads over our hearts in our everyday life, so lifting our hearts over our heads is bound to release unknown sensations - right? As for the next time my heart wants to get all crazy on me - I'll let the emotions pass through my body and just keep on breathing!

After tonight's class, I had plans to have a heart to heart wine date with Leah (one of my best friends here in Ottawa and a Bikram instructor at the studio), but unfortunately, she had to cancel due to her upcoming final exam to become a Registered Dietician (so i forgive her). Turns out, I was left with a quiet night with nothing to do (for once). I decided it was the perfect time to FUEL UP at the grocery store for all the healthy-ness I'm going to need during this challenge! Here's a sneak peek of what I'll be eating - (yes, those are tortilla chips)

Groceries put away - check
Dinner cooked - check
Caught up on TV shows - check
Bubble bath - check
Blog update - check

OH - sidetrack back to my walk (way home this time). I saw a man on a UNICYCLE with a briefcase and another man rollerblading in his suit drinking a coffee! God, I love Ottawa! :)


  1. Love all the healthy food, Naomi! Amazing how this yoga makes you want to eat better. A Challenge is much more than doing a bunch of yoga classes - it really starts you thinking about your health, prioritizing important things in your life and being mindful.
    Btw, crying is good - it took me a long time to get THAT one. Crying in the hot room is very normal because, apart from the postures releasing the emotions held in the muscles, it is a place of safety, with people you connect with. Tears look like sweat so no-body else notices :)
    xx Claire

  2. Thanx Claire! I'll keep that in mind next time I feel some tears starting :) And thanx for all the nutritious tips - I had my oatmeal and apple slices this morning :) xx Ps Great taking class with you today!

  3. Love this, thanks for being so open... I can completely relate to everything you are saying, from wanting to eat better to having tears surprise you in postures... keep up the great work, we can do this:) xo