Friday, 18 May 2012

fun facts from the bubble

  • i started my day with claire giving me such lovely gifts & cards from friends at BYO :)
  • one of those gifts was a homemade chocolate chip banana bread loaf 
  • posture clinics today made us all laugh. cry. and breathe. this is a beautiful thing.
  •  i let myself be lazy in class tonight. (i prefer to say i took it...easy)
  • i managed to get through week 5 without getting team saturday (yay me)
  • there are currently 126 teachers (& counting) here for the re-certification starting tomorrow
  • over 600 people will be sweating together in one hot room for the next 3 classes
  • AND - in exactly one month i will be graduating from the bikram yoga college of india :)

in this moment i am....happy. 

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